The Good News

Jesus came talking about a message of “Good News”. So, what is this good news? Many people have looked into Christianity hoping to find it, but have found it didn’t seem to live up to the advertising. It didn’t feel like good news, sometimes it didn’t even sound like good news, and even the people talking about it didn’t seem that happy either.

But perhaps we haven’t heard it right. That’s what I am are trying to do here – taking a fresh look at what Jesus was actually saying in the gospels. We will park our western post-reformation theological outlook for a while and see if it gets us somewhere.

This has been my own journey. Four decades or so of evangelical and restoration views. But then I tipped the Lego box over, and have now started to put the pieces back in one at a time. So welcome to the blog, and I hope we can get to know each other and learn something transformative here in our own walks with God.

Andrew Kitchen